Quality Timber to Local and World Markets

Company Overview

  • The R&B Timber Group, established in 1952, is a diversified company which competes in various markets, namely the treated wooden pole market, pulp and paper market, both locally and on the African continent.
  • Our mainstream industry is treated poles of which we are the market leaders.The group owns two timber treatment plants, situated in KZN, South Africa. Treating eucalyptus timber for the agricultural and power utility sectors throughout SA and the globe.
  • Production capacities are 12000 m3 of treated poles and 30000 tons pulp annually.
  • In addition to this the group owns 2050 hectares of planted timber land.
  • 15000 hectares of leased timber land and a long-term transmission pole contract with Mondi securing a further 25000 tons per annum.
  • From our expansive timber land, we are able to draw as much material as the market requires. Being self-sufficient is a luxury that no one else in the pole industry has.
  • Our footprint into Africa is vast. We have supplied quality poles, with unmatched service to many countries on the African continent making us the supplier of choice. We are continually striving to reach new heights in expanding throughout the globe as we feel there is great need for our products.


Past Achievements and Strengths

  • In 2012, we performed a complete business turnaround at our Richmond Plant. We appointed a new management team and grew the business immediately by 30%.
  • Securing the previous Masonite Plantations in 2016 has undoubtedly strengthened our position considerably, considering one of our largest constraints was raw material supply.
  • We recently signed a pole supply agreement with Mondi. 
  • Security of Pulpwood Market, through a long-term agreement with Mondi has given us enormous strength as a Business.
  • Our HARDPOLE Brand has undoubtedly separated us from our competition in the market place and been a critical success factor for us.
  • Our Ability to manufacture large volumes is certainly a strength in our industry.
  • We feel that as a Family Business we’re able to make Quick Decisions.
  • Diversified Markets are certainly our strength: Building & Fencing pole Market; Transmission pole Markets; Pulpwood Markets.

Our Purpose

We have HEART! We strive towards Honour, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Trust, as a result we significantly impact the lives of all of our stakeholders.



Is the bedrock of our character. It is the principle which drives loyalty and our mutual respect for diversity as we collaborate to achieve our goals and to exceed expectations. It is the cornerstone of our continuing commitment to honesty and integrity.


We carry out the plan, for which we are accountable, with clear and concise strategy and purpose. Our every endeavor is performed in a safe manner with an unrelenting determination to achieve standards of excellence.


We accept personal accountability to further the purpose and achieve the goals of the organization. We act like owners, treating the Company’s assets as we would our own. We strive to continuously improve our performance and help others to improve.


We respect and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas. We aim to uplift one another through celebrating this diversity. We support an environment where, irrespective of individual differences, people can reach their fullest potential with equal access to opportunities. We collaboratively resolve differences in a way that is respectful toward individuals.


We pride ourselves in being reliable by acting with integrity and strength. We value all stakeholders and treat them, as we want to be treated; expressing confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions.