Practising Sustainable Forestry

March 16, 2016

R&B Timber Group shared the following article on Sustainable forest management from ITTO. ITTO defines sustainable forest management (sometimes abbreviated to SFM) as:

The process of managing forest to achieve one or more clearly specified objectives of management with regard to the production of a continuous flow of desired forest products and services without undue reduction of its inherent values and future productivity and without undue undesirable effects on the physical and social environment.

What this means is that forest-related activities should not damage the forest to the extent that its capacity to deliver products and services - such as timber, water and biodiversity conservation - is significantly reduced. Forest management should also aim to balance the needs of different forest users so that its benefits and costs are shared equitably. ITTO's action program is designed to assist tropical member countries to manage and conserve the resource base for tropical timber. It embraces aspects of SFM such as planning, reduced impact logging, community forestry, fire management and biodiversity and transboundary conservation. The Organization also has special themes on criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, restoration and planted forests, forest law enforcement and the sustainable use and conservation of mangrove ecosystems.

Sustainable forestry cycle


R&B Timber Group is a timber business that harvests, processes and pressure treats wooden poles for the domestic and international markets. R&B Timber Group recognises the impact of its operations on the environment and this impact is kept to a minimum. In order to achieve this we subscribe to the following principles:

  • Compliance with Applicable Law
    • R&B Timber Group only establishes plantations on land that has been granted a permit or that qualifies for afforestation and their operations are conducted according to the laws of the land.
  • Social Responsibility
    • Staff are encouraged to conduct their operations in such a manner as to create wealth for the communities in which they live. This is achieved by using, wherever feasible, local labour and local processors. Education and upliftment of labour results in a contented, productive work force.
  • Communication and Education
    • R&B Timber Group promotes awareness of environmental issues and of new technologies to ensure that operations are conducted on a sustainable basis.
  • Research and Development
    • R&B Timber Group supports research and development within the foresty industry to optimise the use of resources on a sustainable basis and to gain a better understanding of the impact of plantation forestry on the natural environment.
  • Work and Living Environments
    • The highest standards of occupational health and safety are practised. All staff members are encouraged to adopt this policy.
  • Annual Review of Policy
    • R&B Timber Group is an FSC approved company and are audited on an annual basis to ensure that these standards are being maintained.