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Wooden poles are one of those versatile things that you can never have enough of, stowed away in your garage, in storage or at a factory. Their multiple uses span many industries from agricultural to construction, utilities and, of course, for home residential purposes.

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While constructing homes out of wood is the norm in places such as the States and Scandinavia, building a wooden home in South Africa is normally revered as being ambitious, with few craftsmen having the necessary skills and knowledge to bring a home of this nature to life.

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Timber is an interesting, yet unforgiving medium that has a unique appeal in modern architecture. We are seeing the use of wood in a number of South Africa’s exciting architectural projects – be it for cladding, staircases, roofing structures or even entire tree houses.

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Cameroon - Although Cameroon has benefitted from sustainable forest management in the past 20 years and has a relatively well-preserved forest cover today, its forests are under increased pressure due to expanding... Continue Reading

(Left to right) TMM Forestry manager Pius Tembe, Sandile Manzini of AmaWundlu contractors and Rory Mack of Awethu Forestry Investments in a compartment at Manzengwenya that was planted in November. A line weeding operation is in progress.


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Has community forestry in Central Africa been successful?

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Demand for wood can lead to forest degradation, making life harder for forest-dependent communities.


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House O is a small garden-residence created by Penda for a famous chinese wood-artist in Beijing, China. Taking note of the client's daily activities and needs due to their profession, the project presents itself as a tree trunk with its curved perimeter being capped by a circular roof whose... Continue Reading

Wooden Poles are an essential part of the construction world, whether for supporting cables, building or landscaping. Pole building is one of the most cost-effective methods for creating different forms of sheltered structures. Many Buildings are assembled through the procedure of making use of... Continue Reading