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Treated poles have a number of different uses in our modern world. They can be used to construct fencing, to service a variety of utilities such as telephone lines, act as street light poles or to hold signage, support decking or maintain landscaping features. Whether serving an agricultural... Continue Reading

It is no secret that an outdoor structure is going to require some level of maintenance. However, wood is often the best choice for outdoors due to its hard-wearing nature and ability to weather. If you want your timber fence, poles or furniture to stand the test of time, there are a few simple... Continue Reading

December 06, 2019

Fencing plays an important role in our everyday lives. It keeps the things we want to look after safely enclosed and helps to secure our property from unwanted visitors. But choosing the right fencing can be a difficult choice. We have spoken to the experts to find out the top three things you... Continue Reading

Master the art of pruning your trees using this simple guide by SA Forestry Online.


Making the cut just in front of the branch collar.


The second in the series of tree trips by Julian Ortlepp of TreeWorks, brought to you by Husqvarna South Africa... Continue Reading
Wood preservation can be categorised into two types; primary (industrial) and secondary (DIY). Primary wood preservation involves an industrial process whereby wood is impregnated with an industrial biocide-containing wood preservative to render the timber durable and resistant to biological attack... Continue Reading

It's that time of year again and with our list of 25 ways to bring Christmas cheer, we have every timber delight you can think of to pack, stack and turn it up by making something different this year! Create lasting memories and a fun place to display your decor. Take a look at some of the... Continue Reading

  Best practice is needed for impact investing in sustainable forestry

98% of investors recognize the importance of standardized impact metrics for their investment decision making. However, to date non of such metrics adapted to the forestry context were... Continue Reading

February 19, 2015

The process of creosote involves the drying, grading, treating,vacuuming and inspection of wooden poles. Coal-tar creosote is the most widely used wood treatment today; both industrially, processed into wood using pressure methods such as "full-cell process" or "empty-cell process."

... Continue Reading

Do you have a pile of old wood lying around and don't know what to do with it? Don't throw it away! Reuse it! Here are 5 things you can make from recycled wood.

R&B Group is a timber business that harvests, processes and pressure treats wooden poles... Continue Reading

Unfortunately, many greenhouses get squeezed into odd corners of the garden with little thought given to the placement and logistics. Before deciding where to place your greenhouse, carefully assess your property for a suitable site, looking for some important... Continue Reading