Back in 2016, the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) saw a need to promote a wood culture society. With 1% of the South Africa’s total land area dedicated to forestry and a total investment into the industry annually of R46.7 billion (according to a report released by the South African... Continue Reading

Police and Forestry clamped down on illegal wood choppers

The North West Department of Forestry and police clamped down on illegal wood choppers in the Hartbeespoort area on Tuesday, confiscating tons of wood from trees chopped down in protected areas. According to the Kormorant, the illegal... Continue Reading

  Shaun Biggs with the specially designed tray loaded with Ellepots.

We've all seen those little plastic seedling inserts scattered around planting sites and nurseries, or the piles of polystyrene and plastic trays that are used to transport seedlings and cuttings to... Continue Reading

Master the art of pruning your trees using this simple guide by SA Forestry Online.


Making the cut just in front of the branch collar.


The second in the series of tree trips by Julian Ortlepp of TreeWorks, brought to you by Husqvarna South Africa... Continue Reading

Horse logging is an age-old tradition long since replaced by machines in modern forestry operations, but this low-impact and environmentally friendly method still exists in some parts of the world and will always be remembered as part of forestry history. Here... Continue Reading

South African Forestry Company Ltd (Safcol), in collaboration with key government stakeholders, has launched an exciting initiative aimed at raising the profile of forestry as a strategic resource that has the potential to deliver solutions to many of the country's biggest challenges.


... Continue Reading

Fire: What do we do now? Firefighters pondering their next move.


The forester's words when a fire call wakes him at midnight are unprintable, but there is a vocabulary that accurately describes what we do to prevent or fight fire. If it sounds pedantic, it is... Continue Reading
The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Bulenani Magwanishe says the agro-processing and forestry sectors are key in growing the economy and create sustainable jobs, especially in the rural areas. Magwanishe was speaking at the Forestry Industrialisation Summit that was hosted by the South... Continue Reading

The idea of planting a 'Great Green Wall' of trees across the African continent to combat desertification was perhaps too ambitious. The proposed wall would span 11 countries, 8 000 kilometers, from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east, creating jobs and reducing the impact of climate... Continue Reading

One of the companies that invested in forestry in Mozambique and horticulture in Tanzania is the AIM Listed, Obtala Ltd. In 2011, Obtala invested in Tanzania, and now has more than 1,700 hectares in Morogoro, about 200 kilometres west of Dar es Salaam. The cultivation company produces sweet... Continue Reading