On lawns all around the world tiny houses are making an appearance. It’s a movement that has taken the world by storm! Providing an alternative to traditional home ownership, tiny homes are not only cost effective but have less impact on the environment that traditional brick and mortar... Continue Reading

While constructing homes out of wood is the norm in places such as the States and Scandinavia, building a wooden home in South Africa is normally revered as being ambitious, with few craftsmen having the necessary skills and knowledge to bring a home of this nature to life.

However,... Continue Reading

Timber is an interesting, yet unforgiving medium that has a unique appeal in modern architecture. We are seeing the use of wood in a number of South Africa’s exciting architectural projects – be it for cladding, staircases, roofing structures or even entire tree houses.

“The versatility... Continue Reading

R&B Timber Group has shared the following infographic from Urban Nature on Five Things You Can Make With Recycled Wood.

According to GreenBusinessWatch:

"We live in a world of diminishing natural resources, over-forestation and environmental concerns. Using reclaimed wood helps... Continue Reading

Building poles are an essential part of the construction world, whether for supporting cables, building or landscaping. Pole building design was pioneered in the 1930s in the United States originally using utility poles for horse barns and agricultural buildings. They provide both vertical and... Continue Reading

Wood is such a unique and versatile material used for the most simple of things. This article depicts 25 exceptionally creative uses for wood that you may have never seen before. Here at the R&B Group we treat timber with the respect it deserves. We've found a few really interesting items... Continue Reading

Over the years many artists have transformed wood into beautiful wooden works of art in architecture, crafts, structures and various useful items. However none can hold a candle to the wooden works you are about to see.

Livio De Marchi was born in Venezia where he worked in a craft... Continue Reading

Zheng Chunhui, a famous wood carver, won a place in the Guinness Book of Records after creating the world's longest wooden carving. Chunhui spent four years creating the artwork which is over 40ft long and made from a single tree trunk. The scene is a copy of the famous Chinese painting 'Along... Continue Reading

Creating structures with building poles

Pole building consists of a quickly constructed building in which vertical poles are secured in the ground to serve as both the foundation and framework. R&B Group, can provide building and fencing poles, of the highest quality. All our poles under... Continue Reading

Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, sedge (Cladium mariscus), rushes, or heather, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof. It is a very old roofing method and has been used in both tropical and temperate climates.... Continue Reading